Aug 22, 2013

Walking your Puppy (Video)

Since we've been crate training Khaleesi, we've made it a priority to get her out at least twice a day for walks. Walking a puppy can be an interesting experience - - they have to get used to their leash, collar, and/or harness. So far Khaleesi manages to tolerate her collar, loathes the harness, and treats her leash like a chew toy for the first few minutes of every walk.

Right now she's around 20 lbs and full of energy. It's great to see her playing with other dogs and for the most part being an awesome dog! However, we have to keep reminding ourselves that she's only 12 weeks (well, actually 13 weeks as of today), and is still clumsy with her hind legs and building up her confidence.

I wish Instagram would allow videos to be embedded, but I put this on YouTube of a walk we did last night.

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