Feb 3, 2011

What dreams are made of...

"As light jubilantly bounced from the chandeliers and sparkles gleamed from the marble floors, an overwhelming sense of peace came over me. I was in heaven... heaven on earth... Forever21!"

Sunday night I dreamed a dream. The kind of dream that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The kind where you find yourself awoken with a grin still lingering on your face. I dreamed that Forever21 came to South Carolina and I was working there!

It may seen strange that one would fill with delight over the idea of working at Forever21, but I don't think you all understand - - South Carolina doesn't have ONE Forever21 store and since moving here in October, my inner fashionista has slowly been withering away.

This is the first time I haven't worked a corporate job in 7 years.... which is both scary and a bit strange since I'm only 26... but I've been obsessing over the idea of working at Forever21 while my husband finishes out his military contract. The life of a stay at home wife/student isn't necessarily bad... I mean, waking up whenever I want for the first time in YEARS is quite nice, but I do find myself missing the team environment you get with a company and just being around pretty things. Say what you will, Forever21 is my happy place and I LOVE being there. When I worked in Chicago I would spend my lunch breaks wandering around Michigan Ave... sometimes even making a dash for Water Tower or State St. so I could peruse the racks at my favorite store.

South Carolina is scheduled to get their first Forever21 this spring and I've set my sights on the possibility of working there. Now, I've never worked retail before, but I do consider myself to be the ultimate Forever21 consumer. I know what kind of experience I liked when I was dishing out money, so creating that experience for others would be a breeze.

I still have my feelers out there for any media-related jobs, but the market in SC is rather dismal at best. Forever21 seems like a good option right about now... we'll see how things progress.

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