Feb 9, 2011

Uphill Battle...

I wanted to title this post "Uphill Running Ain't Nobody's Bitch" but that was overly vulgar and unnecessary. Still, I took my training to the streets of South Carolina this afternoon and it was intense. For one I completely took for granted planned communities and the "luxury" of having consistent sidewalks. Seriously South Carolina, why do some streets have sidewalks and some don't? Running in the street isn't a good look so I'll be hitting the trails by my house in the future. Most importantly... how come nobody told me that uphill running is torture! I don't want to compare it to hell on earth, but yeah... it was a close second. With every uphill climb I faced the little voice in my head started to question why I ever wanted to participate in a 5k. Luckily the downhill jogs would ease the pain and I'd start to feel invigorated again.

Running on a treadmill is pretty much a walk in the park, so I've been loving the challenge of outdoor runs. In fact, most of my training has been outdoors unless the weather is playing games... but that treadmill incline has nothing on nature! The hilly terrain of South Carolina pushed my body to its limits and I feel like I took my 5k training to the next level.

As I enter week 3 of the Couch to 5k 9 week plan I'm excited about working on my pace and endurance. I can already feel some changes in my body too... you know, the good kind of sore/tight feeling. I can't wait to see what I'm looking like at week 9.

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