Feb 20, 2011

When good help goes bad...

There's nothing worse than someone helping you out with something, yet resorting to hanging it over your head whenever they can. My mother has paid my car insurance for, well... for forever lol. However, whenever we have an inkling of a disagreement she "conveniently" reminds me that I can start looking for my own coverage.

Now, don't get me wrong... I'm extremely grateful to have a mother that is capable and willing to help me out. Plus, I'll be 27 this year so it's not out of the box to think about getting my own coverage lol... but I already am a stubborn type of person that loathes asking anyone for help (even my parents), so it's just super annoying to get the car insurance thing thrown in my face.

I'm sure I run the risk of sounding like a brat even having this complaint, but it's not like I'm a trust fund kid, living off my parents, or even getting broken off with money from them. This isn't to say my parents aren't uber supportive, encouraging and help me out in whatever ways they can... but I'm not some Beverly Hills brat whining about nothing.

I was curious as to if anyone else out there has ever found themselves in a similar situation with your parents, friends or other family members? Better yet, who do you have your car insurance with? Looks like I'll be shopping around for coverage lol.

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