Feb 11, 2011

Newly Nesting: Splurge vs Save

When to splurge and when to save? It's a question that many people have varying opinions on, but for a married couple financial matters can quickly become an issue. When it comes to budgeting my husband and I are on different ends of the spectrum. However, one of the things we differ on most revolves around grocery shopping. Yes, the simple task of getting groceries each week can turn into an all out war... my husband repping #TeamSplurge (or in his words "Team I like my shit to taste good" lol), while I rep #TeamSave.

His argument is that there's no such thing as "splurging" when it comes to food. In his book all food is a necessity and it doesn't matter the cost. His soul dies a little inside when I grab the generic brand bread, cereal or juice. He loathes the idea of buying the bread that simply states "bread" or "Cinnamon Squares" instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

My theory? There are certain things worth splurging on, but when there's a sale or an opportunity to go cheap I will. I don't need to have name brand everything. I can grab store brand milk. Kashi is the only cereal that I won't go cheap on... everything else? Give me the store version. Fruit Os taste just like Fruit Loops to me lol. I'll also get store brand ice cream, cheese (though I prefer the store brand deli slice), and even store brand veggies. More often than not you're only paying for the "brand name" and very rarely does the quality differ greatly.

I think we all have our favorite foods that we'll splurge on, but for the most part everyone can agree that men are absolutely clueless when it comes to grocery shopping. For now, I have agreed to let him get his name brand cereal, but I still skimp on other things.

How do you handle grocery shopping in your household?

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