Feb 22, 2011

N♥il Art: Neutral Love (update)

** Update - - wanted to add some pics of myself rocking the color!! see below**

While watching a YouTuber I like (lipstickloveaffair), I saw her rocking a great shade of polish in her latest video. I had to know what the color was and she told me it was none other than Essis's Mink Muffs. I'm a huge fan of Essie Polishes (they're probably my favorite brand), but due to Ulta being in BFE driving there to pick up the shade wasn't an option. Also, most of you know about my hate/hate relationship with the SC Postal System so I try to not order things online.

To my surprise I found a similar shade in Target at half the price. Sonia Kashuk's "Tauped" nail color is a dead ringer for Essie's Mink Muffs and is making my day a bit brighter (though not literally because the shade is dark lol). I was impressed with the quality of her polish and at $4.99 it's a great price. I think I even like Sonia's polish better as it has more gray in it which is what I prefer.

(obviously those aren't my hands in the pics lol... found them online)

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