Feb 2, 2011

Entering the race...

I wanted to wait until I had successfully completed my first week, but now I feel comfortable sharing with everyone that I'm training for my first 5k! I don't know when the idea to run hit me, but I'm a goal oriented person so I thought it would be nice to use my time in SC to accomplish a few things on my list.

Last year I went to Road Runner Sports and had my feet analyzed and they suggested an awesome pair of running shoes. The Saucony Guide 3 shoes I picked up happen to be perfect for those that average under 15 miles a week of running. I also bought insoles at the time which have been making my feet very happy, but I'm quickly learning that running is a real sport with real injuries.

In the week I've been training I've already had a pulled groin and gnarly foot cramp. I'm definitely a beginner so any pro runners out there with tips for how to stretch, warmup, etc...  are greatly appreciated.

For anyone interested, I found a great online resource that I'm using to train. It's a 9 week program to help take you from the couch to your first 5k! Though the training is 9 weeks long, I planned to run my first race in 5 weeks. I'll have to see where I'm at in a few weeks and make an executive decision at that time. If not, I'll have to find a later starting race. The weather is getting nice out here so I'm sure there will be a few going on.

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