Feb 4, 2011

Dinner Fail...

So last night I'm in the midst of one of the many phone conversations I have with my mother (we speak at least twice a day, every day) and I made a huge error. Somehow I was so wrapped up in telling her a story that I added the Velveeta cheese (that comes in the pack) to the freaking boiling water before the shells were even done! I know, I know... a big time fail. I've never done ANYTHING like that before. The second that cheese hit the boiling water I was instantly pissed at myself for being so distracted. I tried to scoop it out and salvage the meal but it was too late. I didn't want to tell my husband because he's obsessed with Velveeta and would've been annoyed that it was no longer going to be part of dinner... (though he's probably reading this post so now he knows lol... sorry babe lol...) but I ended up throwing it all down the garbage disposal. Which makes me think of how great those things are! Well, aside from the the time I accidentally crushed up a shot glass lol... even then the garbage disposal broke that thing all the way down!

My dinnertime fail made me realize how important it is for us to really give our full time and attention to things as we're doing them. It's nice to be a multi-tasker but sometimes it's okay to just do one thing at a time. I honestly can't remember the last time I did just one thing. Tonight we ate dinner, watched TV and laundry all at once. Even as I write this blog post I'm listening to music, sending some emails, and thinking about everything else I need to do before I go to sleep lol. Tomorrow I'm going to do an experiment - - only one thing at a time for me... no multi-tasking at all. Let's see how this goes.

On another note, has anyone ever promised to make dinner then suddenly realized they didn't feel like cooking at all? I usually have this epiphany around the time the dinner is supposed to actually be done lol... I've had to order my husband a last minute pizza or grab some Chinese takeout more than once.

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