Feb 10, 2011

N♥tural Hair: Playing with Color

Recently I was getting bored with my hair color and wanted to experiment with a different shade. Due in part to bad experiences I've had in the past with coloring my own hair (a highlight experiment gone wrong lol), I've shied away from color in the past years. Still, I found myself itching to make a change and without the funds to get a Brazilian Blowout or Sew-In (my usual answers for hair boredom), I set out on a search to find "safe" color.... or a level 1 which would wash out in under 12 shampoos.

It's surprising how few brands offer level 1 coloring options, but even more scarce are the brands targeting level 1 color for black hair. In fact, the Dark and Lovely Reviving Colors line was the only brand specifically for black hair. I decided to try their #393 Spiced Auburn (reddish brown color) from the line and was rather pleased with the results. My video gives a full review with all of the Pros and Cons - - take a look!

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