Feb 23, 2011

N♥tural Hair: Washing and Going...

What would appear to be one of the easiest, most basic styles to rock (the wash n go) has been the source of many headaches for me. I didn't have an issue with the washing part, but the actual "going" was hanging me up. Try as I might I could never leave my strands alone while they dried and anyone that has tried to wear a 'wash n go' knows that the key to this style is not touching your hair until it's dry.

A few days ago I had some time on my hands and decided to tackle this hair style again. Unlike the braid out which I successfully tried only to realize that I didn't like the look of overly crimped hair on me, I was never able to leave my hair alone and see the true results of a 'wash n go'. It wasn't the easiest thing (I had to find ways to keep my hands busy), but I was finally able to try this style and it was a success!

I co-washed and detangled my hair with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, leaving a little in, and then got out of the shower with soaking wet strands. From that point it was just a waiting game.

Wet Hair

I must say that the only downside to wearing this style is the amount of time it can take your hair to dry. I didn't want to use a diffuser or hooded dryer so it ended up taking HOURS for my hair to dry. Also, the amount of water that can drip onto your shoulder and neck is also annoying. I kept a towel around my neck to help with this. If you have some time to allow your hair to dry or are someone that doesn't mind going about their day with wet hair this may not be an issue for you.

Dry Hair

Once my hair was dry I was thrilled at the results. My hair was big, full and uber soft. I've been wearing twist-outs for so long that it was nice to see what my hair texture would do on its own. I think everyone should try to master this style as it's the easiest thing to do with your hair.... literally step out the shower with soaking wet hair and let nature do its thing!

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