Feb 19, 2011

Turn your "Curltastrophe" into a payday

A great outfit, accessories and makeup can't hide hair that failed to get the memo. Nothing can ruin a day faster than a hair disaster, but thanks to NaturallyCurly.com you can turn your "curltastrophe" into a payday!

NaturallyCurly.com is currently hosting a "Curltastrophes" contest with 5 grand prize winners receiving a year's supply of Pantene's Curly Hair Series and a Flip Cam.

Entering the contest is a breeze - - all you need to do is share your "curltastrophe" with NaturallyCurly readers. Enthusiasm, creativity and pictures may give you an edge over the competition, so put on your thinking cap and bring your best experience to the table!

I was recently named one of NaturallyCurly.com's newest vloggers... all a result of entering their competition last month, so please know that winning is a possibility. However, you can't win a race you don't enter so share your story today!

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