Sep 3, 2010

Off to the slammer...

I continue to be baffled by celebs that struggle to grasp the concept of doing dirt in the confines of their home. I'm not a smoker, nor do I make it a habit of popping pills or drinking syrup... but if I did it'd most definitely not be done while cruising the streets of LA.

The other day TI and Tiny were arrested for having weed, X pills and syrup on them and all I can do is shake my head. They're really losing if they think their shit is so hot they won't get caught up. Now all the of the success TI has been making since his release looks like a joke and Tiny, in my eyes, looks like a fool. Usually the woman will be the voice of reason but there she was, assuming the ride or die role, getting cuffed along with her man. They're the epitome of a hood romance. This is when keeping it real, being the ride or die, goes wrong. Stand by your man but have some sense to know when to pull the reigns and keep his ass in the house.

Making matters more comical, she sent out a twitter update thanking folks for their prayers, etc and I'm baffled as to why people are sending out prayers?? She didn't experience a death in the family... she was getting drunk and high in the back of their Maybach and got caught! That warrants the prayers of her fans?? I'm perplexed....

Another celeb showing off how idiotic they can be is Paris Hilton. I think her entire life is a fail right about now... (especially since she basically gave her handbook on how to make something out of nothing to Kim Kardashian and everyone stopped caring about her lol) was busted in Vegas with some coke... and guess what? She told the officer that she thought it was gum! Fucking dummy.... I just think it's hilarious (and kinda sad) that nobody is being the voice of reason and common sense in these people's lives.

I have no pity for celebrities that do idiotic things. It may sound harsh, but I hope both TI and Paris Hilton serve more jail time.

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