Sep 24, 2010

TV Junkie: Thursday Nights

Thursday night = TV overload...

Vampire Diaries (7p CW)

This is one of my favorite shows!!! I'm all about the vampires... and guess what? They've added werewolves too. While the Salvatore brothers are the mysterious, sexy vampires in Mystic Falls, The Lockwood family is starting to ooze HOT werewolf sex appeal. The Lockwood family uncle has come back on the scene and boy oh boy, this guy looks good. I'm obsessed with vampires but I'm torn because while vampires have this bite your bottom lip kind of appeal to me, the bodies on werewolves BLOW.MY.MIND! Well, that is until the full moon hits and they transform. I'll take a neck bite over a hairy beast any day... but pre-transformation? I'll have to stick with werewolves... I'm a sucker for a thick neck and they don't get thicker than werewolves. Umm... I apologize for that tangent but if you're into vampires you'll like this show.

Nikita (8p CW)

If you love sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what's to come next Nikita (featuring knockout Maggie Q) is the show for you. I'm so infatuated with her look I could probably watch her read the dictionary... but lucky for everyone she does most of her own stunts in this fast paced, action packed show. She's a former assassin that goes rogue and has a vendetta for her old company. Watch as she foils all their plots.

Grey's Anatomy (8p ABC)

I haven't watch in a few seasons but I caught the season 8 premiere last night. I was quickly sucked back into the world of Seattle Grace Hospital and all their craziness. Can I just say that I love this show and I actually missed it. When all that drama went down with Burke (I don't know their real names lol) it bugged me and I stopped watching. This show is the epitome of the greatness that can occur when you have an exceptional ensemble cast working together. It took some time, but I'm back!

Ones to Watch:

Project Runway (9p Lifetime) - I preferred this show on Bravo, but I have a weakness for Tim Gunn and all his big words!

Jersey Shore (10p MTV) - This show is now mainstream enough that it doesn't have to be classified as a 'guilty pleasure'... I mean, "The Situation" is on this season of Dancing With the Stars lol...

Watch What Happens Live (830p Bravo) - Andy Cohen hosts this weekly live talk show on Bravo. They dish on all the latest in reality TV news going on with the Bravo network and please believe they have tons of it. Home to all of the "Real Housewives" shows they're never short of drama and special guests.
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