Sep 30, 2010

The Best Flat Iron?

When asking celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean if there were any flat irons he'd recommend using on her hair, he simply responded "No" (1:50 mark). He explained that it's the high heat that's so damaging and if the flat iron would burn our skin it'd also burn our hair.

Of course there are safer ways to use heat on our hair but I feel like most people are looking for a magic wand response. A magical flat iron they can use consistently without experiencing any damage... a conditioning treatment that makes their locks brand new again... a secret serum that grows hair out faster... our society is obsessed with quick fixes... but I think we get better results when we make the investment in learning how to care for our hair properly and yield the long term results we'd like.

*sidebar: Jeff Lewis (my favorite ocd interior designer/real estate guru) redesigned Chaz's California salon. It's really nice.

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