Sep 23, 2010

City Living

There's a price to pay for living the coveted city life and it comes in the form of limited space. With just 210 sq ft to call his own, Kevin managed to squeeze every inch of function out of his Upper West Side pad.

This is a great idea for those living in studios or any student wanting to make their space more unique.


DondreaB said...

This is one of the many reasons why I can't live in New York. My college dorm room wasn't even this small ... or was it? Well, the college dorm didn't really matter because I didn't spend much time in my room anyway. But to come home after a long day of work to an apartment smaller than my cubicle would make me fall out! Lol! But I must say, Kevin has worked it out. The apartment is tres chic! I really like the use of white and the mirrors. It gives the appearance of more space.

South Loop Social Light said...

Space is one of the prices you'll pay to have a great city address. I know it's a tight squeeze, but in a city as vibrant as New York I doubt you spend most of your time in the house.

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