Sep 7, 2010

Million Dollar Baby: The chronicles of my boxing workouts

Though I workout with a personal trainer 3 times a week, I still make it a point to show my face in LA Fitness on my off days. At least twice a week I try to take a class (spin, yoga, etc) or get in a run on the treadmill. The Scottsdale location has a Thursday night Club Boxing class that I was eager to try. Since I've had boxing incorporated into my workouts the past 2 months I've really developed a love of the sport for fitness purposes. I was curious to see what this class was all about but within minutes of arriving I knew I was in for a shock. Turns out my trainer has been spoiling me by wrapping my hands. I guess everywhere else in the world you're taught how to wrap your own hands.


I was able to freestyle a bit, but I could easily tell the difference between having a professional wrap and my bootleg job. Luckily, my trainer made a video on how he wraps hands and I wanted to share! For anyone that is looking for a secure, snug, yet still comfortable hand-wrapping technique check out this video:

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