Sep 16, 2010

Abortion: Personal Decision NOT a Legal Debate

I don't mind conservative viewpoints. I think they're a bit out of touch with the world we currently live in, but very rarely does a conservative opinion get underneath my skin the way that Carl Paladino (R - New York) managed to do.

While being interviewed on the CNN show Rick's List yesterday, he began to spout off his views on abortion and instantly my skin was crawling (around the 3:00 min mark in the video below).

When asked if he believed in abortion in the instances of rape or incest he said no. He thought that a woman should be forced to have the baby and give the child up for adoption. When I hear things like this... an archaic view point where the woman has no right to decide what will happen with her body, it pisses me off to no end.

Imagine if his wife, sister or daughter were raped and forced to carry a child that they did not want. Only to give birth and give it up for adoption. Not only do you have an even more emotionally scarred woman, but you've brought another emotionally glitched out kid into the world.

I believe that the matter of abortion should be decided by the woman. Now, if a woman wants to carry the child that is up to her... but under no circumstances should her rights be taken away.


afreshmusic said...

While I don't agree with Carl Paladino, I do believe he has a right to his opinion.

As someone who is considered a conservative, I feel that I am very in touch with the world we live in. Just like Carl Paladino has a right to his viewpoints, so do you.

Just remember that 100% of women will never be able to have children without a man.

South Loop Social Light said...

To say that we're all entitled to our opinion is stating the obvious. I have a problem when politicians that have ambitions of running cities, states and ultimately the country hope to impose their views on others... especially when they're so archaic. Yes, he can think what he wants... as long as it only affects him, but I do have issues with a man that has no clue what it's like to be pregnant (let alone raped) to say that he thinks it should be law that women aren't allowed to have an abortion. This should be determined by each woman, as women are completely capable of deciding what they'd like to do with their own bodies.

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