Sep 21, 2010

TV Junkie: Monday Nights

Though I'm far from a couch potato it's safe to say I have a healthy appreciation for TV. Fall TV is back in effect and I'm officially glued to the tube dishing on all my favorite shows.

Dancing with The Stars (7p ABC)

Can I just say how excited I was for this season of DWTS. There are no obvious frontrunners unlike previous seasons. Nobody is coming into the competition already a seasoned dancer/performer (i.e. Nicole Scherzinger, etc) and thank God for that. Kicking off the season 11 premiere was 'The Hills' hottie Audrina Patridge. On MTV Audrina always struck me as a bit of a "lights are on... nobody is home" type of person and her dancing ability was more of the same. She's a pretty girl and definitely has the body for ballroom dancing but she lacks the passion and fire behind her movements.

Giving an amazing 1st performance was Kyle Massey (That's so Raven, Cory in the House). I didn't know what to expect but the stage presence he exuded was off the charts. He's definitely leading the pack and one of my favorites. I've never voted for anyone on a reality tv show before but he made me pick up the phone!

Rick Fox
was another one that oozed grown man sex appeal on the dance floor. He didn't have to much but look good lol... but in all fairness he did work all 6 foo 7 inches of his body. Brandy also did a nice job. It was a clean, safe performance.... kinda boring, but you know it's the first episode. Bristol Palin was playing the shy girl role and acting like she didn't know how to move her hips, but I'm hoping she can break out of her shell. She doesn't come from a performance background at all so I hope she can catch up to the others.

Mike 'The Situation" Sorrentino
only had 5 days to rehearse and it showed. He gave it a nice try and let's just say that his smile and twinkle in his eye was nice. Jennifer Grey also did a wonderful job. I still wish she hadn't gotten the nose job (she looked better in Dirty Dancing to me) but I loved the grace she displayed on the floor.

90210 (7p CW)

Mr. Cannon, the creepy teacher with the nice accent, is getting a bit too creepy for me. I hope Silver doesn't get raped next. Naomi is still a mess, but has her money... finally! Her sister is still a raging bitch but Ryan is making progress b/c he got her to sign the paternity papers. Dixon and Ivy's relationship is still not believable to me, but Oscar trying to throw a monkey wrench into things is even more far fetched. He's supposed to be a college guy and he's banging her mom (a bit over the top) and he's going after her too? That storyline is a mess. Annie was making progress with Liam but his bad boy ways can't seem to die down... and Evan Ross is making an appearance as a guy Annie spill coffee but guess what... he also seems to be related to Liam!!! Too much for me to handle... and why are there no black girls on this show and all the black guys belong to white families? Did anyone else notice this?

Ones to Watch:

World of Jenks (9p MTV) -
Jenks is a 24yo documentary film maker that follows the lives of various people each episode. This is a show that I've been enjoying so far and recommend to those that like reality TV with a touching story.

Gossip Girl (8p CW) - Another one of my favorite shows. I've been a fan since the beginning and am very wrapped up in the lives of "Manhattan's Elite".

There seems to be a ton of new shows for Fall and these are 2 that I've been hearing great things about. If anyone watched their premiere's last night let me know what you thought.

1) Lone Star (8p Fox)
2) The Event (8p NBC)

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