Sep 28, 2010

TV Junkie: Monday Night

Dancing with the Stars (7p ABC)

Rick Fox opened the show this week and he didn't disappoint. Can I just take a moment to acknowledge (once again) how grown man fine he is!!! He could probably read the dictionary and I'd tune in but he's still showing folks that 6'8" doesn't have to look awkward dancing. Brandy did an alright job but I still think her performances are forgettable. Aside from being "Brandy" her dancing isn't really anything spectacular. Audrina put some more life into her quick step performance this week, but I enjoyed looking at her sickeningly superb abs over her dance skills. Jennifer Grey is still a pleasure to watch. Her body is AMAZING!!!! This is why you take care of yourself so you can make 20-somethings jealous when you're twice their age! Margaret Cho is so funny and I love her energy. She's someone that I'd actually want to hangout with in real life and she really improved this week. Kyle Massey is STILL my frontrunner favorite. I think he'll make it to the top. On top of him being so fabulous, his partner Lacey is one of my favorites from So You Think You Can Dance.

90210 (7p CW)

First off... Teddy got drunk and had a gay experience! Never saw that one coming. Annie's internship took a turn for the uber strange. I was convinced her boss was a swinger and trying to recruit Annie to get it in with her and her husband, but it turns out they want to pay her $20k for her eggs. Adriana's shit is about to hit the fan as she continued to pass off Javier's material as her own. Looking forward to seeing how that storyline develops. Ivy's houseguest Oscar is getting more annoying by the second... He's a constant cockblock in her relationship with Dixon (which still isn't believable) but I love his accent. Mr. Cannon is still a creep and Silver almost got herself caught up. Watching documentaries at your teacher's house isn't a good idea. Poor Naomi is dealing with the aftermath of being raped and having trouble sleeping. She's officially a pill popper.

The Big C (1030p Showtime)

Cathy is getting it in with the painter at her school (Idris Elba) and I never understood the sex appeal this man oozed... but again, the accent!!! My god... and it's real! Even better. I love this show and think it has a great cast. Their natural chemistry and flow works for me. An interesting (and entertaining) look at what life with cancer is like.

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