Sep 14, 2010

DLS: Chronic Paranoia

When it comes time to get ready for bed there's one task that I always dread: washing my face. Now, it's not that I'm someone that loathes taking the energy to wash away the day's dirt, grime and makeup... but I have this chronic paranoia - - eerie sense that the exact moment I close my eyes there will be someone standing behind me! I used to think I was absolutely crazy until I came across friends that shared the same thoughts. One of my girlfriends even has to use a clear shower curtain b/c of the nagging feling that someone will be standing outside waiting for her.

I don't know when my anxiety started, or what even caused it, but it's something that I have to consciously give myself pep talks about every night. No joke... the moment I splash water on my face I start "rebuking the devil" and trying to calm my nerves lol. It's really getting out of hand. I'm fine during the day, but at night it's a different story.

I'm curious to know if anyone else out there experiences anxiety like this? If so, where did yours come from? What have you done to improve it?


Windy City Accountant said...

i think about getting into a car accident a lot. i don't have anxiety about it where it cripples me or makes me scared of driving, but i find myself thinking about it way too often. i have no clue where it came from though...

GorgeousPuddin said...

I have a slight phobia about this. My remedy is I must lock the bathroom door everytime I'm washing my face (or in the bathroom). That way I know for sure I'm alone in the bathroom and there is no way someone could get in.

I get asked all the time why do you lock the door? I'm here? Dude it's not even about you! LOL!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Windy City - I'm always thinking about a head collision whenever I drive on 2 lane roads... definitely not a good thought.

@ GorgeousPuddin - I have to have the door open while I'm washing my face, but when I go to sleep I have to close every door, closet doors included. It's crazy but it's like I'm in my little cocoon or something.

Alaina said...

omgggg!! i'm exactly the same way!! i thought i was the only one. yeah, i've watched too many scary movies, definitely. i love it when i'm at home and my sister washes her face with me lol. but i live alone, so i leave my shower curtain to the side and always look around my bathroom before i wash my face!!

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