Dec 14, 2009

When to let go of our "skinny jeans"

As I was cleaning my closet last night I came across a large amount of jeans and decided it was time to officially "let go" and move on. I'm more of a leggings/skirt/dress type of girl, so I rarely wear jeans... but looking through the pairs I had I came across my favorite pair of "skinny jeans". They were both my "skinny jeans" and a skinny cut. I remember buying them last summer when I had first moved back to Chicago and being thrilled at the fit. It was like they were made for me... perfect length and everything! As I tried the jeans on to see how they looked I realized that my butt had gotten a bit bigger and the button wouldn't close. I scrunched my face up. I just loved those jeans so much I couldn't really toss them. What if I lost those 5-10 lbs and was able to squeeze back in them with ease. It made me start to ponder: When do our skinny jeans become our jeans that just don't fit? I walked around the house a bit in the jeans and then took them off, undecided about whether or not they should be put back in the closet or in the donate pile. I didn't know if they would serve as an indicator of reaching my goal body weight, or just another thing I couldn't currently wear taking up space in my closet.

I'm curious to see who else has their pair of "skinny jeans" or that particular outfit you just can't let go of... men and women.
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