Dec 23, 2009

One Size Fits All

Marketed as their "Size Issue", the January issue of V Magazine will be dedicated to plus size models (i.e. regular sized everyday women). NY Magazine recently previewed a feature which included two models (1 plus size, 1 skinny - both 5'9") going head to head in similar looks. The aim was to show readers that fashion can flatter any figure and models Crystal Renn (36-31-41) and Jacquelyn Jablonski (32-24-34) did just that.

Outside of the modeling world, Crystal Renn doesn't boast the measurements of a plus size woman - - but is well-proportioned with a nice build. I don't have anything against the skinny model, but the majority of women don't look like that and while it's nice to see someone prance around and basically be a hanger for clothes, I was excited to see a more realistically sized woman able to rock high fashion looks.

I'm not on some plight to have thicker chicks infiltrate the runway, but as for print media, this would be a welcome sight.I hope that ladies around the world will be able to see plus size models portrayed as fashionable, beautiful and desirable.
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