Dec 1, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line Edition

Fat People Squeezing into the Seat Next to You:

Anyone that uses the CTA knows the horror of having an empty seat next to you and seeing someone larger than life (literally) approach it. Yesterday on my way to work I was thrilled when a seat opened up and I was able to relax. The lady next to me was quite petite so I enjoyed a comfortable ride... that was until her stop came up and I was faced with having a really fat chick sit next to me. Now, I'm not one to get aggravated over fat people because I know that THEY know that they're fat. However, as she wiggled and squeezed her plump ass into the seat next to me I couldn't help rolling my eyes because I was SMOOSHED!!! I mean, seriously! I know she wanted to sit down too but what made her think she could fit in that seat. So annoying... On top of that she insisted on texting on her old school flip phone the entire trip which required her to hit a key a trillion times to send a simple message. Throw into the mix that she was one of the few that hadn't figured out how to silence her key tone and I was ready to throat chop her.

Creepy, Old Guys:

Yesterday as I was waiting on the blueline platform to head home I was completely freaked out by this grown ass man that approached me. Clearly trying to avoid any unnecessary conversation, I had my headphones in and was blasting some Lady Gaga. Out of the corner of my eye I could see this guy walking towards me but was hoping he wouldn't say anything. The next thing I know he's asking me if I'm on facebook. I wish I could've sent a twitpic of my puzzled face. I replied "yes" ( For some reason I couldn't think to say "fuck off" quick enough) when he responded by saying that he knew he had recognized be from there before walking away.

Ummm.... *insert blank stare here* That was the oddest moment I've experienced in a while and it really made me want to remove some of the 1000+ pics I have online (as well as untag myself in a few). I guess living in Chicago you're bound to see people that you recognize from facebook but very rarely do you approach them. On top of that, grown men shouldn't just be walking up on you talking about how they've seen you online. I'm not a celeb.... you're creeping me out so please keep it moving. I think if he would've followed up his statement with something relevant I would've felt a bit better but nope... he was just being creepy. So, my advice to everyone (though it goes w/o needing to really be said) be careful about the amount of information you have readily available to people online... Keep your profiles private... and just be aware of anything that seems to be weird.

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