Dec 15, 2009

DIY: Closet Makeovers

Looking for a way to transform your closet into a home office? MSN featured this awesome closet remodel by Real Simple design director Ellen Wundrok. She was able to tranform her 32.5" X 42" coat closet into a great office space.

Before: Basic Coat Closet

After: Cozy Office Space

Eager to try this out with your own space? Follow these easy tips!

  • Keep the top shelves intact and add some cut plywood for a desktop.
  • Try painting the surfaces a glossy white. (Impervex Gloss, $17 a gallon, for stores.)
  • Splurge on a fun design element by adding a funky wallpaper. Ellen used a great rosabella wallpaper ($140 a roll, for stores) to brighten up the spot.
  • Combat potential clutter by hiding wires. Computer wires were plugged into a power strip that was attached to the wall beneath the desktop.
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