Dec 8, 2009

N♥tural Hair Update: First Trim

After going 6 months without a trim my ends were looking like crap. I had splits everywhere and it was a sad sight. I called Toss Salon & Spa and explained that I had started transitioning and needed someone familiar with natural hair. Cori was suggested and my appt was set for Saturday morning.

Cori was very personable, punctual and professional. I received a wash and trim and was in and out in just under 1.5 hrs. That is pretty good for a salon on a Saturday morning.

Anyone that is natural or transitioning I would recommend seeing Cori because she can offer you a wealth of knowledge while caring for your hair at the same time. While the majority of her clients are natural, she does work with all hair types, so if you want a weave, etc... don't fret! She has you covered.

I've been going to Toss since I moved back to Chicago in July '08 but my stylist (Phaedra) left to go back to NY in May so I haven't had a regular stylist. I was really pleased with Cori so I hope to be seeing her again.

As an added bonus, the salon has a Buy 1, Get 1 free sale on all Miss Jessie's products so definitely venture in there to take advantage of that awesome sale.

Toss Salon and Spa
60 E. 13th St.
Chicago, IL 60605
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