Dec 8, 2009

N♥tural Hair Update: First Trim

After going 6 months without a trim my ends were looking like crap. I had splits everywhere and it was a sad sight. I called Toss Salon & Spa and explained that I had started transitioning and needed someone familiar with natural hair. Cori was suggested and my appt was set for Saturday morning.

Cori was very personable, punctual and professional. I received a wash and trim and was in and out in just under 1.5 hrs. That is pretty good for a salon on a Saturday morning.

Anyone that is natural or transitioning I would recommend seeing Cori because she can offer you a wealth of knowledge while caring for your hair at the same time. While the majority of her clients are natural, she does work with all hair types, so if you want a weave, etc... don't fret! She has you covered.

I've been going to Toss since I moved back to Chicago in July '08 but my stylist (Phaedra) left to go back to NY in May so I haven't had a regular stylist. I was really pleased with Cori so I hope to be seeing her again.

As an added bonus, the salon has a Buy 1, Get 1 free sale on all Miss Jessie's products so definitely venture in there to take advantage of that awesome sale.

Toss Salon and Spa
60 E. 13th St.
Chicago, IL 60605


Anonymous said...

Heyy!! I used to go there all last year before I started transitiong. I went to Robert the other tall guy besides the owner ( cant remember his name). But yea love that salon. But 1.5 hours ..thats great I wish I got some service like that lol. And I knew that had Aveda and some other natural products but never Miss Jessies. Maybe I need to check Toss out again .lol

Nola.Divine said...

Ohhh Thank You! I have desperately been looking for a great natural stylist!

South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, they have Miss Jessie's which I think is a fairly new thing because I don't remember seeing it a few months ago. They have a few other products for curly hair but I didn't pay attention to the names...

T said...

Cori's my stylist when I actually go to the shop to get my hair done.

South Loop Social Light said...

@ T - I'm glad to see someone else goes to Cori. I think she's great... I liked her energy from the start. I'm big on first impressions and she made a great one.

Ms_Slim said...

I'm transitioning and unsure if you mentioned it in the comments (kinda in a hurry with this comment lol) much does she charge for a wash and set? Curious.

Thank ya :)

South Loop Social Light said...

I paid $65 for a wash/trim/style... but I should stress that all of the services at Toss are a la cart. I think a wash/style runs about 35-45 depending on the stylist.

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