Dec 11, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line Edition

Another day and another horror story. "Joe" was replaced with "famo" and scarface impressions with talks of prison stints and snitches. The teens were long gone and in their place grown men and their rants about how the Chicago Police were"stupid all the way through." You could sense their bitterness and resentment towards CTA employees as they bitched and moaned about how CTA employees felt like they were "above them" because they had a "gig with the CTA." I started to feel like the blue line was the business office for thugs and bums. The cars their personal boardrooms to conduct meetings. I ditched my usual mo of listening to what they were discussing because honestly, some information you just don't want to be privy to. I didn't even make eye contact for fear that it would draw unwanted attention to me. I noticed that was getting a death stare by thug #3 who had strategically distanced himself a few rows behind thugs #1 and #2 as they discussed their "business". As I made the trip home, I had never wanted to be off of a train so bad. The boisterous and rude thug #2 decided to make his rounds around the car asking for money in between his rants on politics, the war, and how selfish everyone was. I was disgusted when he approached a Spanish speaking woman and asked "how do you say suck my balls in Spanish?" It felt like I was in a bad movie... and I wasn't getting paid to be an extra. I wanted out immediately. At that moment I pitied everyone on the train. We were all stuck there and doomed to endure the harassment until we reached our respective stops. I glanced up at a sign stating that we should report any strange activity. I wish I could pick up my phone and call the 800 # and tell them scum was on the train. Why didn't the CTA have a # you could send a text to. Sometimes you're in a situation and unable to pick up the phone and call. My stop couldn't have come any sooner! It felt like it had taken forever... I jumped off the train and felt like I was sprinting home. I just wanted to be locked up in my house, safe and far away from the randoms of the blueline.
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