Dec 4, 2009

Reailty Wrap-up

Launch my Line (BravoTV) - Like Project Runway minus the designers having any actual design experience... nor do they know how to sew... but 10 professionals are paired with "real" designers and able to articulate to them the vision they have for their line. Umm... I wish that Bravo hadn't lost Project Runway to Lifetime because it's sad watching them cling on for dear life and put out knockoff after knockoff.

Real Housewives of Orange County (BravoTV) - With each episode I'm starting to like Gretchen more and more and Tamra less and less. I feel like Tamra is a grown woman that's caught up in petty drama (aren't they all in the Housewives series) and really starting to look a bit aged in the face. I think she should replace some gossiping with resting those tired looking eyes... or maybe she could focus on her marriage and finding a job so they don't lose their house. Vicki setting her daughter up with some random guy was, well... random.. but I've always liked her daughter Brianne and thought she provided some much needed down to earth energy to the otherwise pretentious OC scene. On another note, I can't wait for them to take things back to NY. I love Bethanny and Jill!

Shore House (MTV) - Okay, the commercials almost managed to pull me in but at the end of the day all the "fist pumping" would be completely lost on me. I decided to pass on this show and really think it's just another version of Real World, but with fighting being acceptable.

For Rent (HGTV) - Anyone that is a renter should check out this show which airs on Sunday nights on HGTV. Real estate agent and designer Jodi Gilmour, helps people navigate the sometimes tricky rental market. I always enjoy seeing how she's able to transform spaces with her designs. Renters (and homeowners) can get great ideas from this show.

The Hills (MTV) - The season finale aired and I decided that Kristin in cool, but I like Lauren Conrad a bit more. I doubt I'll watch the next season of this show. The whole Kristin/Brody/Justin Bobby love triangle that they're trying to create is so painfully orchestrated that it's not even entertaining. Not to mention I still scratch my head at how "Stacy the bartender" got a legitimate role on the show... I can't believe these people are getting paid up to $90k per episode!

The City (MTV) - Along with The Hills, The City also aired their season finale this week. I liked the switch from DVF to Elle magazine for Olivia mainly because I love Elle magazine and enjoyed seeing some of the inner working... though Olivia seemed to always come off entitled and lacking any real understanding how what hard work was. Whitney was back at People's Revolution and I was thrilled because owner Kelly Cutrone is the highlight of the show for me. I love her personality and how she tells it like it is. I wish she was offered her own show.

Meet the Natives: USA (Travel Channel) - In this Travel Channel original, 5 tribesmen from the South Pacific island of Tanna are brought to the US to experience American culture and spread their message of peace and love. In the first two episodes they visited a ranch family in Montana as well as a WASP family in New York. I actually really enjoy this show and it makes me realize how much we as a country do have. I wouldn't trade it for life in Tanna, but it does make you appreciate things a bit more. This is a very heartwarming show that will make you laugh out loud.

Bad Girls Club (Oxygen) - After watching the first episode of Bad Girls Club, I quickly realized I was over the constant partying, binge drinking, shit talking and fighting in the club. It wasn't entertaining, it was sad. Why can't these women do better... and why did they throw a 26yo in the house with 21-22 yo's?? She sticks out like a sore thumb and it makes me scratch my head. While I don't expect much from a 21yo, when you're 26 you need to have your shit together. Getting thrown out of the club when you're almost 30 isn't a good look.
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