Dec 28, 2009

Adventures @ Walmart: Blue Colla Holla

As I was prepping my car for my move, I was once again reminded of the sometimes foolish ways of Chicago men. The mechanic @ Walmart's Tire & Lube dept was the source of my daily amusement. This is what the conversation went like:

Walmart Mechanic:
You came up here by yoself? (insert typical westside accent)
Me: Excuse me?
WM: You ain't up here wit yo boyfriend?
Me: Umm, no. I came up here by myself.
WM: So, whatchu gettin done?
Me: I'm getting an oil change and my tires checked along with the rest of my fluids.
WM: What you mixed? You really speak like that?
Me: (trying hard not to lol in his face) No, I'm not mixed...this is really the way I speak.
WM: Are those your real eyelashes?
Me: Yes, these are my real eyelashes (le sigh)

Umm... the rest of the conversation was about as much of a trainwreck as the first part. I'm not sure why speaking proper English equals being mixed... or why he was interested in my eyelashes (Cover Girl Lash Blast is the business!!!) but he hooked me up with a great oil change and for that I was extremely grateful.

Another funny thing that happened in the store was watching this little, old lady pushing her cart around the store but somehow managing to get tangled up in a fishing line!! She had a grip of people (myself included) trying to fish themselves out of the nearly invisible line. I had to let out a huge laugh as she kept wheeling around her cart, and the line seemed to never end. Ahhhh... fun times in Walmart.

As I prepare to leave Chicago and the crazy antics of the CTA behind, I am looking forward to many more adventures in a place with a bit more sun. I'll find a way to fill the void the CTA is sure to leave in my life and replace it with other daily musings... including my upcoming road trip! Stay tuned for my multi-state adventure!!
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