Dec 4, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Blue Line edition

I was sitting on the train eager to get home when I saw these 2 random teens get on. From their demeanor I could tell that they were worthless, but hoping they'd keep the hood antics to a minimum. Ummm, not so much.

After proclaiming that everyone on the train was going to hell with him, this overgrown teen with a picked out perm proceeded to say that he could "be an actor". He flexed his acting chops by subjecting everyone to his montage of Scarface impressions while raggedy ass teen #2 notified everyone that they had 11 more stops to go. I could barely manage to shoot him a side eye (o-O) before I was berated with more "joe" and "on my mama" quotes than I want to remember. I don't know where that stuff started but I wish it would go away. Things went from bad to worse when he began doing footwork and then telling some story about how he was going to "bust on dude" (insert blank stare here). Not surprisingly, things came to end as the Kedzie-Homan stop approached and they bid everyone adieu.

First off, the Kedzie-Homan stop really is responsible for most of the West Side trash that rides the blue line. Period. But more importantly, I feel that the youth of today are lost... primarily teenage, black men in Chicago. I feel like they're doomed if parents don't step in and stage an intervention. It's embarrassing to see them act a plum fool on the train and have people think that they represent black youths today. It's even sadder that the majority of kids seem to act like this and think there is nothing wrong. I wish that black boys 15yo-19yo could go to a finishing school and get exposed to some class and refinement. Furthermore, I think black men need to be raising these boys. Women can't raise a man like a man can. These boys are running around with no sense and it's tragic. *sigh*

Times like these I wish the Metra was an option.
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