Sep 1, 2009

UFC 102: Maia vs Marquardt

Within 21 seconds of the 1st round of their fight, Nate "The Great" Marquardt was able to put a stop to Demian Maia. Previously undefeated, Maia more or less walked into an incredible right hook thrown by Marquardt. Seeing that his opponent was not only knocked out but probably seeing a multitude of stars and birds, Marquardt could be seen pulling back and not taking advantage of Maia's vulnerable state and throwing more blows. That's what good sportsmanship is about. Many other fighters would have landed a few more punches to insure the job was done. The ref called the fight 21 seconds in and there you have it folks - - Nate proved why he's so great by being named the winner.

To see the knockout:

And if seems that Marquardt's nice guy demeanor oozes out of the cage and into interviews as well. Catch his post-fight wrap up:

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