Sep 16, 2009

Smile with your Eyes

The 2nd episode started off with the ladies meeting with Wilhelmina Models President Sean Patterson. Along with Photographer and Judge Nigel Barker, the ladies were given the opportunity to make a lasting impression on Patterson (the season winner will be calling him boss) in an interview setting. Some did well while a few struggled to come across charismatic and memorable. A surprise elimination sent home 1 girl, Ashley, who aside from her large eyes was not that noticeable.

The ladies then went to "smize" training with Tyra who drilled them on her signature "smile with your eyes" technique. They had a competition and the winners were awarded a 5-star dinner with Patterson.

The photoshoot featured the girls topless and donning long wigs while posing with horses and their jockeys. A few of the top performers were Erin, Brittany and Nicole who managed to exude tons of emotion in their photos and impress the judges.

I liked the surprise elimination though I wish Bianca would be sent home. She is quickly emerging as the bitchy, whiner of the house constantly complaining about everything on photo shoots and causing discord among the ladies in the house.


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