Sep 9, 2009

Grilling 101

The holiday weekend came and went and I'm proud to say that I managed to successfully grill ALL of the food for our bbq - - in turn feeding 10+ people. I was nervous about attempting to use the grill but had received some tips and things went pretty smoothly. Even having my makeup melt under the extreme heat of the sun couldn't keep me away from my bbq duties... and in addition to being able to add "Grill Master" to my growing list of culinary feats, I learned a new way to balance my social butterfly skills - - designate a friend to be your "grill asst" lol. Not only will your grill asst keep you company, but they can be put to work by running food back and forth.

Despite being deemed a female only bbq, a party is never truly a party until you have some crashers. We were graced with the presence of a few of Harvey's finest men in blue and thank God they came bearing gifts! If you ever want to crash a party, come with some bottles of good liquor in your hands and you'll be met with a warm smile - - at least you will if I'm the one throwing the event.

In addition to the great food and company, the conversations that sparked had everyone on the edge of their seats! Let me tell you, people were getting worked up over the debates that ignited. Men and women will probably always go head to head on our varying relationship styles and levels of commonsense. While many were spazzing out and consistently going left on one another, I was more toned down (probably due to being grill master and the 6+ drinks I had downed - - all I wanted to do was smile, talk a little shit, and re-up my drink lol ) One of the funniest things I heard all night was Naval Base rationalize his method of numbering women and how he prefers to keep a squad of 3s over choosing to just find 1 dime. I'd go into the system but that's require a lot of work. lol... just trust that it's hilarious.

So, for now, I'm okay with being one of few women that will man, or should I say (WO)man, the grill... Just keep a drink in my hand I'll make all of your bbq dreams come true!!! Hope everyone had a fun holiday.
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