Sep 16, 2009

False Advertisement?

The other night I saw an infomercial for the Kymaro New Body Shaper which pulled random ladies out of the mall and asked them to try on this "revolutionary" shaper. I watched as one overweight lady after another tried on the shaper and eyed themselves in amazement in the mirror as they looked at how their bodies had been "transformed". This got me to thinking about how fine the line is between smoothing out a few things under a clingy dress and appearing as if you've undergone a tummy tuck via a body shaper, i.e. false advertisement.

The Kymaro New Body Shaper infomercial seemed to be showcasing overweight women wearing ill-fitting clothes. I mean, first off you shouldn't wear things that don't flatter your body regardless of what size you are. On top of that, it seemed to be masking the larger problem - - the urgent need for a diet/exercise routine. Many women wear spanx from time to time to smooth a few things out here and there because certain outfits can be unforgiving... but I'm curious to know where we should draw the line. The market is flooded with body shapers promising to suck in your stomach, push up your boobs, give you an ass - - when is enough enough? I'm a firm believer that you should do your best to look nice but when your clothes come off you won't be able to fool anyone.

Sandra Pt. I

Sandra Pt. II - - Poor girl came out the dressing room FEELING herself and I bet nobody could tell her shit. lol... Smh

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