Sep 24, 2009

Elongation Nation

The theme of episode 3 was elongation. Being petite models, the ladies are forced to bring their A game every time - - always having to appear longer than they actually are in print and in person. After practicing their walks with Ms. Jay Alexander and the fiercest 9 yo strutting runways around the world, Diva Davanna, the girls appeared in their first show for designer Kevan Hall. The challenge of appearing in the show with 5'10" models made some perform average, but Brittney rose to the top. On the flip side, Lulu scraped the bottom of the barrel. During their practice, Lulu had been adamant that her walk needed no help because it was her "signature walk" she'd been doing "forever".... Ummmm......

To all aspiring models - - you don't have a signature walk until you make it and folks know who you are. Being a contestant on ANTM and refusing to change your "signature walk" is absolutely ridiculous to me. Obviously, your "walk" has gotten you nowhere as of now so maybe you should keep an open-mind and try to soak up all the knowledge you stand to gain by being a part of the show.

When the photoshoot rolled around the ladies worked with a scaled down set to help make them appear bigger. A surprise front runner was Kara who seemed to finally master her face angles and have her jaw line photograph softer. Two of my favorites, Nicole and Erin, didn't disappoint this week and were able to deliver pictures that made their bodies seem very long - - Nicole looking like she was over 6'0".

Elimination time rolled around and Ms. Lulu "my signature walk will never be changed" was the contestant sent packing her bags. After having a sub par walk and producing a lackluster photo, the judges decided she no longer had what it took to be be America's next top model.



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