Sep 30, 2009

Orgasm? Come again (literally)

Late night HBO is addictive. Be it shows like Cathouse: Bunny Ranch or Katie Morgan's Sex Tips, I've always been drawn to learning more about sex. I swear my dream job would be to produce segments of "Real Sex" though I'm not sure if that show is still on the air. I am a fairly open person when it comes to matters of the sexual nature. I think that since I was raised in an open-minded household and not viewing sex as a bad thing, I don't have some of the issues people struggle with. I also think that having a healthy sex life and appetite is a major factor in living a happy life.

For anyone that has found themselves curious about the ins and outs of orgasms, fret no more. The Pleasure Chest will be holding a free workshop on achieving The Ultimate O, Tuesday 10/6 from 8p - 10p. The workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to "learn all about anatomy, techniques for coming with a partner or solo, how masturbation can help you expand your orgasm, g-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, and tips and toys that will boost your GPA (General Pleasure Average)."

Since this is a complimentary workshop and registration isn't required, everyone is advised to arrive early as seats are limited and usually fill up fast.

What: The Ultimate O Workshop
Where: The Pleasure Chest 3436 N. Lincoln Ave.
When: Tues. 10/6/09
Time: 8p - 10p
Cost: Free, no registration required

As an added bonus, if you're in the market for a new toy, oils, costume... anything to spice up what's going on between the sheets (or any place for that matter), The Pleasure Chest will be having their first annual Big Bang Sale (love that name) 10/3-10/4. If you're eager to get stuff to start your weekend off right, check out the sneak preview this Friday. The festivities will kick off at 7p and feature a savings of 25% off the entire store - - with some things being marked 40%-50% off. Enjoy free cocktails while a dj spins music and you feed your inner sexual deviant.
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