Sep 10, 2009

Smaller package, Bigger fun

To say I know what season ANTM is on would be a lie. After my all-time favorite Eva "the diva" won season 3, I came to terms with the fact that the once addictive show was going downhill... slowly fading into the black abyss of reality tv when the faces, names and seasons run together. When Tyra announced that she was opening up the current season exclusively to ladies 5'7" and under it made my ears perk up. Another reality show was the last thing I needed but the lure of seeing women my size sucked me in.

Last night I watched the season premiere and I think that I'll be sticking around. Something about seeing women that looked like real people made me happy. Your girlfriend, co-worker, next door neighbor, these girls looked like everyday people. They were cute and exuded a model quality about but in a more believable package.

These are my personal favs...

22 yo




21 yo


18 yo


The show airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on the CW. For more info check out the site here.


Kiwi™ said...

Yeah I went to CAU when Eva was there and it was the same year she was on the show and we kept asking her did you win...and she was like you have to watch the show & find out. We kept thinking I dont think she won because she is still on campus but when she won it was amazing and she didnt return but she is the only "real" TOP MODEL that made it so yeah I watched a couple of more shows...

But now I am like whatever same old same old...but yeah maybe I will try to get into it again this season. I love Top Model and just hope this season will be different

South Loop Social Light said...

The premise of the show is still the same but actually being able to see ladies that look more realistic and relatable has sucked me in. The first episode was not a disappointment therefore I'll be tuning again.

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