Sep 14, 2009

Game 1: Bears vs. Packers

After hearing much buzz about Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler I was excited to watch him in action. I hadn't seen any of the pre-season games but was assured by various friends that "they really meant nothing" (I'm assuming that Cutler didn't do anything too impressive during this time because with all the hype surrounding him, true Bears fans would have been ready to boast...) Last night I watched as the Bears played a relatively lack luster game losing 15-21 against Green Bay.

As for Cutler, I think he looks like he's been hitting the bars up North a bit too much. What NFL quarterback has a double chin? On top of looking like the spawn of Alec Baldwin or brother to oil heir Brandon Davis, Cutler looks as if he's on a steady diet of cigarettes and beer! Lord... I'm clueless as to how much money he's making but can someone throw in a Kanye Workout plan because he's not easy on the eyes. There were multiple times during the game where he looked winded and as if he needed to receive a quick dose of oxygen. I'm not sure if he hit a few lines before the game but something about him seems like he'd be hooked on some kind of drug. A friend of mine has maintained that Cutler is an amazing quarterback and blamed his performance on the mishaps of offensive coordinator Ron Turner. I am not knowledgeable enough on Ron Turner to argue this point but I will say that the first part in being a great quarterback is at least having the appearance of a winner - - this, my friends is something Cutler is lacking. I hope they limit his snack intake and up his cardio.

Cutler has the opportunity to redeem himself when the Bears host the Pittsburgh Steelers on 9/20. Their 1st home game is sold out and as everyone knows Bears fans are a bit nuts so let's hope this game is entertaining and interception free.

Separated at Birth? Cutler, Davis and Baldwin.. they must be related!


Catherine said...

OMG! He is definitely a lost Baldwin brother...

T said...

You're funny. I didn't think he looked that bad. Maybe because I've seen him before. I watched 3 of 4 of the pre-season games. Pre-season doesn't count and the starters only play 1 quarter or so, so that's why everyone was telling you it doesn't matter. It doesn't. He did better in the pre-season though. He looked horrible on Sunday and I agree, that there was a ton of misread plays. I don't know if that because of Ron Turner, Culter, Olsen, Forte... I dunno.

But they better get it together and quick!

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