Aug 30, 2009

UFC 102: Jardine vs Silva

One of the most anticipated fights of UFC 102 was Jardine vs. Silva. I was not rooting for Jardine. Call me crazy but there's something very "Southern Clansmen ready to string you up to the back of his pickup" about him. Even after hearing his interviews and learning of his 1 black friend, fellow fighter Rashad Evans, I still didn't feel warm and fuzzy about him. I was team Silva all the way.

I glanced away for a second and had missed everything - - their fight was over before it even started. I had to rewind and witness the devastating left hook that caught Jardine sending him to the floor and then cringed as Silva unleashed multiple blows to his dome. On the flip side, one of the joys of having Silva win the fight included seeing his trademark throat slit. Gosh, something about the cocky swag he exudes as he walks up to the camera and does his signature throat slit sends a chill down my spine.

* The videos keep getting removed from youtube so I'll have to put together my own recap to share with my blog family...
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