Aug 4, 2009

Roof @ The Wit Hotel- - Worth the wait?

Situated in Chicago's downtown loop area, Roof is located on the 27th floor of The Wit hotel and has quickly become one of Chicago's must-see rooftops. Stellar views of the city, a luxurious modern decor, and great atmosphere are a few things you'll be sure to enjoy at Roof. However, you must first brave the extreme line - - wait times often reaching 2-3 hrs - - before you can get a ticket and granted entrance to this illustrious spot.

If you decide to go I urge you get there before 8pm. I must really stress this because arriving after 8p will guarantee you a spot in the line... oftentimes lasting 2-3 hrs, and that's not an exaggeration. Making matters worse is the random eye sore building between The Wit hotel and Harold Washington College. Behind the rusting iron fence you'll spot multiple rats, yes RATS running amuck. I'm still baffled as to why the high end hotel has not yet done something about this. Hell, put up a mural against the fence... anything to not be forced to watch city rats go ballistic. I've been to Roof at The Wit about 3 times and EACH time seen NUMEROUS rats, once even managing to snap a pic.

If you're able to stomach the rats, harassment from local bums (the security does a pretty good job of keeping them away) and mind-numbing wait in line, there's a lot in store for you at the 27th floor. Upon receiving a ticket you're directed through the hotel lobby to the elevators. The express elevator takes you to Roof and finally you're on your way to enjoying a wonderful night full of drinks, great atmosphere and even better views.

**Update** At first I was thrilled to find this diamond jewel of a place but now I'm sad to report that someone in the hood must have gotten the memo because the crowd after 11p is NOT what's up. This isn't a club and shouldn't be treated as such so I urge everyone to categorize Roof as an after work lounge... be sure to leave by 10p.


E's said...

Hilarious update! Too silly... I gotta check it out. Honestly, I like it hood sometimes.

bfrank84 said...

Thanks for the tip!

Michele said...

Love the review! My wedding is next Saturday at The Wit Hotel. Filling the Roof with my friends and family will probably make it the dorkiest crowd ever, but hey, it's all mine for a day!

Hopefully, no rats will crash the party. That'd be romantic. said...

hey there!
I have been meaning to stop by and check out the Wit, need to do that next week.
btw, so fun finding another chicago blogger...

South Loop Social Light said...

The Wit is a very nice place. Kinda sad the weather is starting to turn so our days of being able to enjoy it are numbered. I'm glad to report that multiple rat traps were placed down at the sketchy building in between The Wit and Harold Washington College so you don't have to endure anymore rats while you're waiting in line!!!

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