Aug 3, 2009

Gap Jeans: Born to Fit

I was invited by Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie to attend her "Gap Jeans: Born to Fit" event this past Saturday. The idea of getting a free pair of jeans definitely was the luring factor to attend, but I couldn't fight my curiosity to see how Gap had stepped up their jean making skills. I'm 5'2" and have hips, thighs and a butt so I've never gravitated towards Gap jeans. I need something with not only a nice amount of stretch (at least 2% spandex) but a "short" length. To my delight Gap supplied Luvvie with their sexy boot, real straight, and always skinny jeans in sizes 0-12. After eying the different styles I set my sights on the "real straight" line of jeans. I hit the jackpot when I tried on my first pair and they fit like a glove. The true test of a pair of jeans is when I'm sliding them around my thighs/hips/butt - - the stretch is a must! I was elated when they glided over and I didn't have to bounce around, struggling to get them to fit. On top of the nice stretch and wash of the jeans they are extremely soft (98% cotton, 2% spandex). Some of the pros of the "real straight" jeans are:

~ contoured waistband eliminates the gap most people get in the back
~ designed to lift and flatter your butt
~ premium stretch denim retains its shape

While I didn't try on the other 2 styles of jeans I did pay attention to what the ladies had to say. The "sexy boot" was really long. I don't know if Gap only sent long lengths, but this line is definitely for the 5'4" and up crowd. As for the "always skinny" these run a bit small and are basically leggings in jean form. I think that for women with any curve whatsoever... and still desires a skinny jean look, go for the "real straight" because you'll feel ridiculous trying to squeeze into the "always skinny". I suggest everyone to take a chance on Gap Jeans - - try on a pair because you'll be pleasantly surprised. They've done a good job and we, the consumer, can reap the benefits.
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