Aug 6, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Blue Line "Hi Miss Lady" Edition

Oh, the joys of the CTA! In addition to the occasional smell of piss, rambling crackheads, wild children and erratic drivers you sometimes get the guy that "insists on trying to get at you even though you're wearing an ipod, sunglasses, reading something and giving off the body language that says kick mf'ing rocks"... That's what I experienced this morning.

I noticed this random guy take the seat in front of me and sit sideways, knowing good and well he was about to attempt a conversation. He started talking to me and I couldn't make out what he was saying due to wearing my ipod. I continued to ignore him. The next thing I know I was hit with multiple 8 counts of spirit fingers and I had no choice but to look up.

Random Guy: Hi, how are you?

Me: I'm fine. (put earphones back in)

Random Guy: I was actually trying to talk to you

Me: (take earphones out) I usually like to listen to music while I'm on my way to work (put earphones back in)

Random Guy: So, you're headed to work?

Me: (take earphones out) Yes

Random Guy: What's your name?

Me: Ishea

Random Guy: So, let me give you my information

Me: No thank you. I have a boyfriend.

Random Guy: We can't be friends?

Me: I'm not actively seeking out any new friends

Random Guy: I sought YOU out.

Me: (blank stare followed by a laugh) No thank you.

Random Guy: Why don't you take off your sunglasses. I want to see your eyes.

Me: Ummm... no, I'm good. (put earphones back in)

At this point I wanted to go left on this dude but was slightly nervous he may yank my shades off lol. What's more aggravating is that he proceeded to remain seated inches from my face, pull out his discover card (yes, he was trying to stunt on me lol - - FAIL) and whip out his cell phone like he was making shit happen. *insert eyeroll here* Body language speaks volumes and it would be nice if every once in a while men got a freaking clue and left you the hell alone. I must also add that this is the 2nd time I've been hit with the 8 count of spirit fingers while riding the blue line. Just a sidebar for men everywhere - - women have NO issues making eye contact and shooting a smile when they're interested. If I'm avoiding the sight of you like the pubonic plague then take a hint and keep it moving - - please!!!
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