Aug 16, 2009

Chicago Meet-Up

The Black Girl with Long Hair blog hosted their first meet-up yesterday at Market in the West Loop. Aside from the seemingly clueless space cadet of a hostess they had manning the front of the restaurant, we had a great time. I enjoyed the conversation and meeting other Chicago naturals. The event was photographed by Norman Baldwin Jr and one of my favorite pics he took showcased all the wonderful textures of natural hair we have!!! It was just a beautiful time.


Anonymous said...

aww, everyone looks great!

i have to check out the next one - i kinda like the blog networking idea.

Avartsy said...

oh no, just discovered ur blog! disappointed i missed the meet-up, if there's another one, i'll def. love to be a part of it!

South Loop Social Light said...

Yeah, there will definitely be another one and the idea of being able to put faces to blogs is nice. I enjoyed being able to meet everyone.

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