Aug 12, 2009

Berry Chill - Cool treat or Big let down?

Yesterday I found myself hit that point in the middle of the day when you're desperately in need of a sugar fix and unsure of what to eat. My first thought was ice cream, but I wanted to save my waistline the pain of enduring the excessive calories. I remembered that there was a Berry Chill in my building and had heard the name mentioned a lot. Now, I've never been a fan of frozen yogurt but figured that it was the healthy alternative in satisfying my craving and being health conscious. Touting themselves as "Yogurt Couture", Berry Chill is the latest addition to the frozen yogurt market and is quickly becoming a household name. I walked in the store and was greeted by a friendly face behind the counter. She explained to me how the process worked: 1) pick the size you'd like 2) pick a yogurt flavor - - original or one of the three featured flavors (changes every month) 3) Pick up to 3 toppings. Easy enough. I sampled the original and passion fruit flavors. The texture was similar to that of sherbet ice cream but more like the end result if sherbet ice cream and Italian ice had a baby. Yes... that baby would be called Berry Chill. I added 3 toppings - - sprinkles, mini m&m's, and fresh strawberries - - and was ready to devour my tasty treat. About 2 minutes into eating my Berry Chill it dawned on me "this tastes like cold Yoplait yogurt." I started to wonder what "yogurt couture" really was after all? I give Berry Chill credit for removing all artificial chemicals from their products, opting to replace them with live active cultures, and making their treat lactose free... but I'm an ice cream girl. I like the texture of ice cream... the taste as it encompasses my throat - - overwhelming my mouth with its wonderful delights!!! I've decided to put Berry Chill on pause and just give in to my ice cream craving (it strikes about once a month). If you're someone that enjoys frozen yogurt then knock yourself out! If you're a health nut... Berry Chill is perfect for you. Night owl? Berry Chill is open until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights!

Fun Fact: Berry Chill uses a temperature sensitive spoon! It's kinda neat to see your green spoon turn purple when it gets cold lol.. reminds me of the mood rings/lipstick that I had back in the day :)
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