Aug 5, 2009

Why I can't see "The Ugly Truth"

The moment my eyes locked onto the deliciousness that is Gerard Butler in the movie 300, the image of his oozing sex appeal was burned into my psyche. It's hard to explain my love for all things ancient Greek/Roman/Egyptian, but Butler's portrayal of Leonidas, the Spartan King embodied all the things I love in a man - - muscular build, confident swag, passionate - - the list goes on and on.

With the recent release of the romantic comedy "The Ugly Truth" which stars Butler as Mike Chadway, a boisterous TV personality who dishes on what men really think of women, I've found myself hesitant to see the movie. While it does seem entertaining and I'm all for romantic comedies, I'm scared this new role could ruin my image of Butler. I don't want the goofy, guy's guy that throws back beer and acts like an ass. I want King Leonidas - - Spartan warrior... full of intense passion and great one liners to be how I remember him.
Katherine Heigl was great in Knocked Up and I'm sure she delivers in this movie, but Butler isn't the romantic comedy type. I know actors hate being type cast but if it were up to me I'd keep him running around in briefs, fighting for his country, and looking fine. There have to be some more warrior type movies that can get passed his way... any excuse for him to grow that beard back out! Man, that beard and those abs did things to me... good things! Until the news comes that he's signed on for another epic warrior tale I'll keep 300 on my DVR and in heavy rotation.
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