Aug 30, 2009

You spent your $ on that?

While I was driving down the Dan Ryan last week with my boyfriend we eyed this monstrosity of a car (which my friend Kelly affectionately deemed an "Automotive Mullet"). I posted this on my facebook but thought I'd share with my blog family as well. I can't believe this man spent his $ on tricking out his car like this. Smh.

Much buzz was generated on my comments section. Some of the highlights:

- $10,000 rims for a car that is worth no more than $5,000 Got to love this shit! LOL

- Whoever is driving that is ugly. He had to do all that to get attention. That's just too much. LOL

- I can't imagine the type of job this dude has. Where in the hell can he pull up in this car and get taken seriously? Lol... I'm drawing a blank.

- I'm guessing street corner hustla, Pimp, rapper...

- He can't be a pimp cause his hoes cant get in the car, lol

- That's player though... lol Seriously, I need to know how he gets in that? Is there a step ladder involved?


The Fresh Man said...

That picture kept me from going to my high school I spent about an hour doggin' it out. Woot! Woot! I made first comment on

E's said...

I love that shit. Nice ride:)

South Loop Social Light said...

It's just so damn tacky and over the top. lol... I can't wrap my mind around this... thing! It's atrocious.

T said...

LOL @ step ladder. This is too much!

Ms_Slim said...

Oh my! In Chicago though? I've NEVER seen this....and I'm glad. I'm not easily impressed at all so I'd have certainly shook my head. smh

Wow. I'm really shocked. We never really see this shyt in Chi. Wow lol

lol @ step ladder

Karyn Brianne said...

LMAO!!! I saw the pic and was like "Where was this taken? MIA? ATL?" And, then I saw the Pershing Road sign. Sigh...That's all I can say!

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