Aug 30, 2009

You spent your $ on that?

While I was driving down the Dan Ryan last week with my boyfriend we eyed this monstrosity of a car (which my friend Kelly affectionately deemed an "Automotive Mullet"). I posted this on my facebook but thought I'd share with my blog family as well. I can't believe this man spent his $ on tricking out his car like this. Smh.

Much buzz was generated on my comments section. Some of the highlights:

- $10,000 rims for a car that is worth no more than $5,000 Got to love this shit! LOL

- Whoever is driving that is ugly. He had to do all that to get attention. That's just too much. LOL

- I can't imagine the type of job this dude has. Where in the hell can he pull up in this car and get taken seriously? Lol... I'm drawing a blank.

- I'm guessing street corner hustla, Pimp, rapper...

- He can't be a pimp cause his hoes cant get in the car, lol

- That's player though... lol Seriously, I need to know how he gets in that? Is there a step ladder involved?
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