Aug 14, 2009

In the mood for some Gypsy Jazz?

I had no clue what genre of music this was until I had the pleasure of hearing Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan play on the plaza at my job the other. Gypsy jazz has its roots in 1930s France when it was started by famed guitarist Jean "Django" Reinhardt. He blended the dark, chromatic flavor typical of Gypsy music with the swing sound that was popular at the time. I found their performance to be entertaining and their musical talent refreshing... seeing real musicians completely manhandle (in a good way) their instruments was really cool!

To find out more about ALfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan, as well as performance times, click here.

** Please excuse the quality of the video. I shot it outside with my blackberry... and be forewarned that the volume is on charge lol... you may need to turn it down a few notches **

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