Nov 30, 2012

HBO "GIRLS" Season 2 Trailer (video)

I was bored a few weeks ago and decided I needed a new show to get into. I scanned my HBO OnDemand and discovered 'Bored to Death'. Fast forward 1 week and 3 seasons later... I was left heartbroken that the series has been canceled! What the fuck, man. You mean to tell me I threw myself into a show that is no more? That shit was for the birds.

Lucky for me GIRLS is returning to HBO January 13th. I'm excited for another season of shenanigans and debauchery only the way Hannah and her girls can do! Are you not counting down the days? This is the mere glimmer of light in my otherwise gloomy and smug Friday afternoon.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I just watched the trailer and I am thrilled this show is coming back I LOVE IT!!!!

Bajan Beauty said...

Yea they are coming back this month and I can't wait! This show was nominated for hella awards and I hope they win them all.

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