Nov 5, 2012

Why I Hate Chase Bank (Video)

Saturday night I had the chance to get out with my girlfriends and just let loose. Drank a bit too much and ended up paying for it all day Sunday. Nothing reminds you that you're getting older like realizing how much longer it takes to "bounce back" from a ratchet night out.

But on to the topic of this post - - why I hate Chase Bank!

After leaving the club we went to Bijan's, one of my favorite late night spots, and decided to grab some Pinkberry while we waited for our table. Keep in mind that I was faded by this point, so I'm just rolling with the punches. I get to the register and the dude tells me my debit card came up declined. No biggie b/c I have money in my account, but he just gave me my FroYo gratis! Mucho Gracias... I kept living my life and didn't think anything of it... until I tried to pay for my bill at Bijan's and it came up declined again.

Had to give Chase a call because I knew I had money in the account and this was ridiculous. Spoke to a rep and was told they were having a system outage and my card wouldn't be available until 8a. Umm... excuse me? It was like 3a and I was sitting in a restaurant needing to pay my bill. Chase, please do better. I didn't receive any type of email alert, or notification of ANY kind saying my account would be unavailable for X amount of hours.

I've done numerous cross country road trips and the first thought that entered my mind was what if I was driving and needed gas... I couldn't get it for 5 more hours? Fuck that. Chase is such a sham of a company. They really grind my gears. So, not only was my account with fucking money in it unavailable, she also told me that if I went to an ATM my card wouldn't work until 8a. Well, damn...

Luckily my girlfriend had some extra cash on her and was able to give me some money for my bill, but I think Chase Bank did a shitty job handling this matter.

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