Nov 20, 2012

Sweated Out Natural Hair: The Struggle is Real

Every black woman can relate to having their hair sweat out at one time or another. A few days ago I fell asleep for a quick nap and awoke to this (below). I was quite amused by the quickness with which my hair sweated out and produced a fro. Even more exceptional was the fact my fro resembled that of the Bride of Frankenstein! Yes, I went to sleep looking like me and woke up looking like I was ready to wed the green beast lol. Oh lord... why does my hair sweat like the rent is due and I can pay them in salty water?

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Bloggers and Vloggers are so quick to only show you one side of themselves: caked up and every hair in place. That's not how life is. I don't wake up with the perfect twist out and my brows filled in. Shit, sometimes I wake up looking just like this lol... and that's fine! Know why? Because life happens and when I don't tie up my hair shit can get real in these natural hair streets.

Anyways, I'm no longer #TeamStruggleBun, so I was able to pick this out and throw it in a bun... hop back in the bed and get more sleep. Still, I felt the need to share my natural hair struggle #162 with the rest of the blogging community.

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