Nov 8, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: Daniel Craig Bond Edition

One whiff of the amazing appeal Daniel Craig exudes and you'll be hooked. Bond, James Bond or 007, whichever you prefer - - Craig is this week's Thick Neck Thursday feature.

At 5'10" and 175 lbs, Craig has regular guy stats.. and I'll admit that my face does a slight scrunch because he's a toned down version of the typical thick neck I lust after (The Rock, anyone? lol)... but when you see his body in motion you quickly realize you're getting the most 175lb bang for your buck!

In real life 44 year old men are not walking around looking like him, nor do they get to play out their bad ass fantasies on the silver screen! Craig gets to bang gorgeous women, drive the best cars, kick ass, take names, and manage to never wrinkle his suit. Come on... he deserves a round of applause!

His latest Bond film, Skyfall, opens in theaters tomorrow and I'm pretty freaking excited to see him in action. I wasn't a huge fan of the Bond franchise prior to him joining, but have been hooked ever since I saw Casino Royale. I still can't believe that movie is 6 years old! Is time flying? lol....

Will you be going to see Skyfall in theaters tomorrow?

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